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1. To promote chess as a recreational activity for all ages.

2. To promote social interaction and community bonding through our activities.

3. Provide educational experiences for interested youth and individuals.

4. Sharing the benefits of chess to the society at large.

5. Facilitate development of the members' chess skills.

6. Nurture holistic development in our young, to excel and to enrich themselves to meet future demands.

7. To organize and participate in chess events and competitions for the benefit of the members and the community at large.

8. To promote chess as a Tool for juniors to use in their daily life.

9. To promote strong players to gain the highest recognition in the World - Grand Master.

10. To maintain affiliation with the Chess Federation of Canada (CFC).

About Us

We are a volunteer-run chess club located in the Waterdown area of Hamilton.

Affiliated with the Chess Federation of Canada ( CFC ) , we welcome players of all ages and strengths. Open for casual play as well as regular CFC rated tournaments, the club provides chess pieces, boards and clocks for all games.

​Our first date of meet up will be on September 12, 2016 ( Monday ) and every Monday after that.

Time & Location

For more informtaion about the Waterdown Chess Club, please feel free to contact us at or subscribe to our Newsletter.


Membership Benefits:

  • Regular CFC-rated club tournaments
  • Speed chess tournaments
  • Chess lectures
  • Casual chess
  • $10 discount on weekend tournaments

You can download a membership form here:  Membership Form

  • Your first two visits are free of charge, but we appreciate your subsequent support toward club costs.
  • Members who are 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • The club reserves the right to take photographs from time to time for marketing and media.

Half Year - $30
One Year - $50
Two Years - $75
Half Year - $30
One Year - $40
Two Years - $60
 (Under 18)Junior
Half Year - $30
One Year - $40
Two Years - $60
 Life Time
Life time membership - $250
$3 per evening

Please respectfully abide by a few simple rules so we can keep using the church facility:

  • The staffs of St. James United church make every effort to keep the church PEANUT FREE. Kindly refrain from bringing nuts and nut products into the church!
  • No consumption of alcoholic beverages at any time in the church.
  • No smoking on church property.
  • Please do not bring animals onto church property.
  • Understand that the Board maintains the right to suspend or cancel, without notice, any permit.
  • Please keep washrooms and church facilities clean.

Contact Us


St. James United Church
306 Parkside Drive,
Waterdown, ON L0R 2H0


Monday   7-11pm

Junior:     7-9pm      Adult:     7-11pm

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